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People We Should Know #31 – Leonard Bernstein

2018 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Leonard Bernstein, and many of the world’s greatest orchestras are honoring the occasion by opening up their repertoires to display the dash and splash that was ‘Lenny’s’ compositional gifts of music … Continue reading

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An American Original – Glenn Campbell

The current over enhanced and emotion deadened noise that passes for modern American popular music has separated us from the power that once was evoked from the marriage of lyric, voice, and musicianship that represented the golden age of music … Continue reading

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George Frideric’s Masterpiece

  Every composer from Bach to Berlin has likely faced it.  After a significant period of adulation related to a reputation for “hits” that speak to your generation’s audience, you begin to become predictable and have your reputation tied to … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Frank

December 12th is the 100th year celebration of the birth of the scrawny kid from Hoboken that for all time is known as the Voice.  Ramparts has no intention to achieve some definitive coda to the gift that was Frank … Continue reading

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Felix Mendelssohn and the Romantic Age

At the western edge of the island land masses that form the Hebrides off the coast of Scotland, stands a little tuft of volcanic elevation known as  Staffa.  Barely a quarter mile in area, the southern most tip of this uninhabited … Continue reading

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Alfred Brendel and Beethoven’s Ghost

About twenty five years ago during my study years, I had the opportunity to see Alfred Brendel in recital performing Beethoven. I had a vague understanding through recordings what I might hear, but I was not prepared for the possibility … Continue reading

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Claude Debussy and the Prism of Life

Until the seventeenth century, light was accepted as a force of illumination, colorless and devoid of structure, the essential device by which God brought life from a formless void. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  And … Continue reading

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A Birthday Celebration for Those That Live in the Shadow

  Yesterday, March 8th, was Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach’s birthday.  Born March 8th, 1714 to the most illustrious of fathers, Johann Sebastian Bach, one can feel some sympathy for C.P. Emanuel as the role of living in the shadow of … Continue reading

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The Gardens of Aranjuez

In the locale of Aranjuez , south of modern Madrid, the royal family of one of the world’s greatest empires placed their spring home to celebrate their spectacular power and wealth.  At the end of the 15th century, with the Castilian monarchs having … Continue reading

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American Adagio

The musical world of the 1920’s and 30’s  was taken with the influence of the bold American genre of jazz which seemed to capture the independent, self reliant and mildly undisciplined nature of the new world.  To sophisticates, however, the musical … Continue reading

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