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Ophelia’s Flowers

In a large rectangular room in the Tate Britain Museum, a modestly sized painting draws the eye among all others.  A beautiful young woman floats in a stream surrounded by a dense, fecund growth, drifting silently down a quiet stream, surrounded … Continue reading

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Charles Fritz and the Corps of Discovery

On May 13th, 1804, 33 explorers led by Captain William Clark set out from a staging area known as Fort Dubois in the Indiana territory, left the Mississippi River into the mouth of Missouri River, picked up their expedition co-leader Captain Meriwether … Continue reading

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The historian in me couldn’t resist seeing the most recent cinematic effort to portray history, what I hoped to be a  compelling presentation of one of my historical heroes, Abraham Lincoln.  Historical dramas are the stuff of Hollywood.  History offers … Continue reading

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Re-Acquainting with our National Treasures – the Museums

The national capital of the United States is not only the citadel of governance for the world’s most powerful democracy, it is also the repository for an incredible diversity of treasures of art, science, culture, and history.  The city itself … Continue reading


The World Reacquaints with a Dark Genius

This past week brought forth an announcement that perhaps as many as 100 artworks not previously known correctly credited to the Lombardy painter Caravaggio were discovered in Sforza castle in Milan. Italian experts suggest  the implied cumulative value of the find may approach … Continue reading

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A Genius Shows Us Everyday Life

     A relatively obscure local artist in his lifetime, whose entire known catalogue of artwork may encompass 36 paintings, has become an absolute modern superstar draw in any retrospective containing even one of his works.  The Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge University … Continue reading

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The Artist

           Hollywood’s collective idea of a great movie these days trends toward combining the wizardry of modern computers and animation with comic books. Caught between the strain of developing a complex storyline and knocking out another Batman movie, Batman … Continue reading

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Capturing the Spark of Life

           Unlike film,  portrait painting and painting in general, must create an emotional reaction from the viewer perceiving a single fused projection of a moment in time.  Its necessary immobility creates a vague sense of passiveness as the emotions … Continue reading

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Thoughts Turn To Spring…

     After over three consecutive weeks of rain, sleet, and dismally chilly temperatures, the National Weather Service for the great Lakes Region informed the suffering hordes that this spring was the coldest in 15 years, averaging 8 degrees below the … Continue reading

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Birthday of a Rock Star

      What did you accomplish by your 24th birthday? Well, the pleasant little stone carving pictured above was the work of a young Italian from Caprese named Michelangelo, and it is worth reminding us all of this man’s brilliance and … Continue reading

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