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Yearning for the next Great Awakening

  The Christian world is anticipating the most important days on the calendar.  From Palm Sunday,celebrating the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, through the events leading to the Last Supper, the solemnity of Good Friday reflecting the Passion of Christ … Continue reading

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Asking For Trouble

There was a time where a new administration was given a little room to maneuver, assess the lay of the land, and propose their version of the future.  It was euphemistically called the ‘honeymoon’ period.  With the tensions of the … Continue reading

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A Thinking Man Peers Into the Chaos

The left has always had two emotions. Anger and Outrage.  It was hard enough to listen to their arguments when they were just angry.  When they are outraged, Katey bar the door.  We are witness lately to the seething outrage. … Continue reading

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A Good Bye to Good Morning

2017 is upon us, and it will be a year of some momentously momentous moments requiring serious introspection that will likely fill the Ramparts blog with much of interest to the defenders of civilization.  For those of you who like that sort … Continue reading

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The Season of Anticipation

Advent calendars are special things.  The season of Advent is a season of anticipation of what is to come, with signs and events that suggest, the mysterious, far flung, but ultimately inevitable occurrence of something majestic and wonderful.  The calendar … Continue reading

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The Individual vs the Collective

Fidel Castro, the scourge of the United States and the people of Cuba for nearly sixty years left the stage of history last night at age 90.  The response of the world was predictable.  Those that saw him as a … Continue reading

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Ophelia’s Flowers

In a large rectangular room in the Tate Britain Museum, a modestly sized painting draws the eye among all others.  A beautiful young woman floats in a stream surrounded by a dense, fecund growth, drifting silently down a quiet stream, surrounded … Continue reading

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15 Years

  We are 15 years removed from one of those seminal events in history when a shared recollection is seared into our consciousness for all time. The shock of the first impact on the North tower on one of the … Continue reading

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The Dog Days of August

The blessed gift of summer, warm, long days and star filled nights, with the nature’s bounty in full bloom, is brief but treasured paradise for every midwesterner.  August then arrives, and the buildup of heat begins to linger, with more … Continue reading

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The Rule of Law on the Endangered List

When the Constitutional Convention met between May and September 1787, the delegates hoped to codify substantial improvements in the previously governing Articles of Confederation that would create a national consensus of governance.  The weaker Articles had led to poor decision making … Continue reading

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