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An American Original – Glenn Campbell

The current over enhanced and emotion deadened noise that passes for modern American popular music has separated us from the power that once was evoked from the marriage of lyric, voice, and musicianship that represented the golden age of music … Continue reading

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Miracle at Dunkirk: Re-Imagining History in the Post History Age

I recently had the occasion to see Director Christopher Nolan’s cinematic epic “Dunkirk”.  We have been through a period in cinema , depicting heroism relegated to the contrived world of comic super heroes and steroid injected Ubermen,  where courage is … Continue reading

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A Good Bye to Good Morning

2017 is upon us, and it will be a year of some momentously momentous moments requiring serious introspection that will likely fill the Ramparts blog with much of interest to the defenders of civilization.  For those of you who like that sort … Continue reading

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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

     The wonderful 1944 musical Meet Me In St Louis directed by Vincente Minelli contains one of the most treasured Christmas songs ever written.  Performed by Judy Garland at the height of her artistic powers, sung to the emotionally distraught … Continue reading

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Brooks Comedy Perfection

     Working together on the western homage/farce Blazing Saddles, Gene Wilder intimated to Mel Brooks, the writer and producer of Blazing Saddles, that he had an idea for another homage movie based on the 1930’s classic Frankenstein.  Brooks intially stated … Continue reading

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One Eyed Fat Man

    The word is out that the the Coen brothers, filmmakers of such wonderfully idiosyncratic movies such as Raising Arizona, Fargo, and No Country For Old Men, are in the process of remaking the classic western True Grit.  It follows … Continue reading

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Beautiful Cinema

     Hollywood used to be about glamour. Its black and white films had a special translucence from the films’ unique sheen and soft focus, to the use of light and shadow to magnify underlying emotions or intimacy. The actor’s  film … Continue reading

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America the Beautiful

In keeping with our patriotic theme today…ladies and gentleman, the great Ray Charles:

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